Neues Dylan-Album im September.

Der Meister spricht:

“The songs themselves don’t have any genetic history. Is it like Time Out Of Mind, or Oh Mercy, or Blood On The Tracks, or whatever? Probably not. I think of it more as a greatest hits album, Volume 1 or Volume 2. Without the hits; not yet, anyway.”

Sony spricht:

Columbia Records President Don Ienner believes the timing is perfect for a new Bob Dylan album, “‘Love and Theft’ is an album for the masses, not just for the core Bob Dylan fans. There are a lot of people who aren’t being served by much of the music that they hear today, and this is the kind of record that people are hungry for. Bob Dylan is a one-of-a-kind artist making one-of-a-kind music and “Love and Theft” proves it again.”

Solche Aussagen könnten mich skeptisch machen – ich warte trotzdem gespannt.