Der Republikanische Congress in New York treibt Alex von Brokentype zum Äußersten:

The RNC has turned me into the kind of person who yells at strangers.

I’m not proud of this. I usually hate confrontation, and I’ve always considered screaming at strangers to be the sort of thing only assholes and crazy people do. Even as a protester I prefer a silent, dignified vigil to a loud and angry demonstration. Nevertheless, this week, again and again I find myself gravitating to midtown Manhattan, and to Times Square, where the delegates are staying, to yell at strangers.


To make myself feel more in control of my madness, I’ve gone ahead and made some rules. I leave families with kids alone, of course. I try not to curse unless cursed at, prayed to, or in the presence of an “Arnold” sign. I only confront delegates who are wearing their ID badges and are carrying at least one additional symbol of support for the GOP.

Sehr, sehr lesenswert.