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Warum nur, warum?

Was mach ich bloss mit diesem vollen Mond ohne ein Mikro vor meiner Nase? show me your spirit show me your pain there’s something i’m missing again and again show […]


i remember you. every single moment we shared is like a treasure buried deep inside me. it cannot grow; it doesn’t stop. your face keeps touching my dreams like the […]

Love, and love again

So it’s love, and love again, she thinks lying in the warm October sun in the grass multicolored birds flying around Not just a fading memory, she thinks I still […]


The Music is right, just right for tonight Sitting here Opening another pack of cigarettes thinking that I wanted to smoke less but who cares it’s alright. alright: it’s all […]


Not sure about anything. Sometimes is just too much for me. Maybe I will. Give up. Just. Lay back. And watch. The others. Struggle. But not. Right now. Drinking Beer […]

Am Weiher 14

I was in the middle of a protester’s gathering. Some protesters were naked, which somehow meant that their protest was more serious. I decided to take off my clothes although […]