I had a really good weekend (after working all day on Saturday). Started out with Carlos Sauras “Tango” in Vienna’s biggest outdoor-cinema. A beautiful film with poetic pictures & music, and to see it under the stars with an occasional plane passing over the screen, towards the end even some fireworks in the distance…

It was still colder than it should be in July. But OK.

On Sunday, my friend & I decided to go to river kamp valley. this is a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere (lower austria). The weather was undefined (some sun, some rain, everything inbetween). After a successless start (the wine farmer we wanted to buy wine from was on vacation, the lake we wanted to swim in has been drained for renovation) we had a nice afternoon looking over the valley from the Zoebinger Heiligenstein. After trying some wines & eating regional dishes we decided to have a swim in the kamp. Cold but refreshing.

And a long way home through the night.